Net Show

The company is a Hong Kong based corporation founded in 1990. Our products mainly include: RAW MATERIALS: Tairyfil Carbon Fiber from Formosa Plastics Corp, Taiwan. Professional Epoxy Resin from West System and Proset, U.S.A., Vinyl Ester resin from Yong Shun Chemical, Taiwan. Aluminum and Composite High-pressure Gas Cylinders from AMS, Taiwan. Accessories and Material for Vacuum Bagging, Epoxy Paste for Modeling, Catalyst, Hardener, Clear Coat, RTV Silicone Rubber, Semi-Permanent Mould Release Agent. MACHINERIES: Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Prepreg Machines. Air Tools from Master, U.S.A. Filament Winding Machine, Mixing Plant, Custom-made Equipments for Composites Industry.
Booth No: A530