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The company was established in October 15, 2007, and restructured from the Fiber Department of Beijing FRP Research & Design Institute (Beijing 251 Factory). The original Fiber Department of Beijing FRP Research & Design Institute founded in 1970, was a high-tech enterprises which specialized in the application research, development and producing of glass fiber. In 2007, for industrial restructuring, the Fiber Department was transformed into Beijing Koningshunda Glass Fiber Products Co., Ltd with the original system. The company is mainly engaged in research and development of glass fiber, producing and sales of glass fiber, and can provide related technical services and technical advice, and also sale glass fiber reinforced plastic raw materials, glass fiber production and processing equipment. There are over 150 sets of equipment, and three production lines in the company, with a set of comprehensive quality management system. The company can product all kinds of glass fiber fabric more than 8 million meters, and glass fiber yarn more than 5000 tons. The products are widely used in Aeronautics and Astronautics, municipal construction, petro-chemical, transportation, sports equipment, ships and other fields. Strengthen the certification of GB/T19001 (ISO9001) quality system.