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HuaTek New Material Inc. is a state-owned large fiberglass enterprise and the biggest special fiberglass manufacturer in China. HuaTek has more than fifty years experience in fiberglass production. Silica fiberglass: foundry filtration material of silica fiberglass, various techtextile, cord, continuous yarn, staple yarn, needled mat; E fiberglass: various fabric, filtration material of E fiberglass, multi-axial fabric; AR fiberglass: marble, roving, chopped strand, scrim; Non-woven: tissue , stitch bonded mat, etc; FRP: chair, high way separator board, irregular FRP process. HuaTek New Material Inc. joined Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd. in May 2012, and it entered the world top 500 in July 2013.