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Hexcel is the largest US producer of carbon fiber;the world’s largest weaver of reinforcement fabrics; the number one producer of composite materials such as honeycomb, prepregs, film adhesives and sandwich panels; and a leading manufacturer of composite parts and structures.Our product range covers aerospace, transportation, entertainment and the emerging wind energy. On May 30th, 2008,Hexcel announced that Airbus had authorized us the contract of primary structure for A350 XWB, which will generate us USD 4 to 5 billion. To meet the increasing demand, Hexcel Tianjin China has been established, passing qualification by key customers. Now Hexcel Tianjin is the sole supplier of prepreg to Vestas Tianjin. In fact, the Tianjin plant is part of our $280 milllion investment all over the world. Our plants, sales offices are worldwide. Boeing, Airbus, Vestas, and other selected industries are our main customers.

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