Net Show

The company is an innovative enterprise manufacturing high-end carbon fiber products. Our company has independent R&D center, manufacturing facilities and our own molding factory with Four-Axial CNC machining center. Using variety of RTM/Infusion technologies, our products are more precise, much stronger, much lighter, no inside air bubble, no excess resin, well distributed thickness and better finishing look while achieving a at least 10% saving on overall production cost compare to similar products made with traditional curving methods. With our rich experience and our young but skillful design team, we offer one-stop services including 3D modeling, CNC molding and machining, mechanical structure design and impact/fatigue design etc. Curving methods we apply are including RTM, LRTM, VARTM, Cycle-RTM, Soft-mold RTM and many other ways in order to achieve the highest product quality. Based on our continuing R&D, we are now able to use common materials (no special infusion resin or fiber) in the RTM and Infusion curving process hence offering our customers with the most cost-efficient products.