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It is one of the earliest and largest c-ompanies, a manufacturer specialised in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic(-FRP ) cable pipe, FRP water pipe, FRP frame, FRP manhole covers,steel strip tube, FRP sand pipe related research, exploitation, manufacture and sales. In 1996, our company did joint research with Shanghai FRP Rese-arch Institute and Wuhan University of Industry, developed the first gener-ation FRP cable protection pipe - HBB FRP cable protection pipe.Since1997, the production was formally produced and filled the blank in China then applied for a patent. In 2003, company introduced FRP sand pipe and equipment. After the development, our technology, research and management have become the second to none in this field. For many years, our co-mpany achieved Famous Trademark of Hangzhou, Hangzhou Famous B-rand Product, High-tech enterprise in Hangzhou and one of three identif-eid key listed company in Hangzhou West Lake District. Sinshi company-has become the leading enterprise to produce FRP pipe in China.