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Our products covering 5 series and 100 specs: C-glass & E-glass (medium-alkali & none-alkali ) Woven Roving(range of density 200~800 g/㎡), C-glass/E-glass Chopped Strand Mat (emulsion /powder binder, range of width 20cm~260cm, range of density 100~600 g/㎡), Woven roving Combo Mat, Stitch Chopped Strand Mat, Uni-Directional fabric, Biaxial Stitch Combo Mat, E-glass Spray up Roving, E-glass Filament winding Roving, E-glass Filament winding Roving. We have established the quality management system—ISO 9001, the Woven Roving and Chopped Strand Mat have got the Certificate issued by China Classification Society & England Lloyd's Register of Shipping.