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Founded in 1964,Beijing Plastics Research Institute is mainly involved in technical development of plastics processing, production and applications. In 2002, square carriers for silicon wafer cleaning are developed to equip solar cells in accordance with domestic development of solar cell industry. Now, there are four grades of wafer carriers, i.e. 103mm,125mm, 150mm and 156mm. Beijing Plastics Research Institute produces PVDF resin sheets using imported PVDF raw materials. The products have excellent corrosion resistance, thermal properties, as well as outstanding electrical, mechanical properties. The plate also has excellent anti-aging properties, thus can be widely used in petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, food, paper producing, textile, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, nuclear industry and other areas. Currently there are two kinds of PVDF sheet, backlining-glassfibic clothes and knitted plain weaves, both could be adhered to glass fiber reinforced plastics, stainless steel and other materials by binding agents, which now have been widely used in chemical storage tanks and inside lining of pipes because of its excellent anti-corrosive property.