Net Show

We, Thermvac Inc. are the frontier who has raised vacuum furnace industry to a higher level in Korea, having started from early copy manufacturing stage and now getting into take-off stage developing new furnace types based on our own design and engineering capability. 1) Non-Oxide Ceramics such SiC or AlN: Powder Processing Furnace, RBSC/Pressureless Sintering Furnace, Hot Press, CVD Coating Reactor, Single Crystal Grower, GPS(Gas Pressure Sintering) Furnace; 2) Carbon: Fiber/Fiber Form/ Carbon Composite Graphitization Furnace, Carbonization Furnace, Purification Furnace, TG CVI Reactor; 3) Powder Metallurgy: Dewax/Sintering One Step Vacuum Furnace for MIM or WC and Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace for Hard Metal.