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Tianjin Tianduan Press Co., Ltd. is the biggest hydraulic press developing and manufacturering Company in China. Its turn over, economy increase and technical input takes the leader in China every year. Now, Tianduan has 50 series, more than 1000 kinds of hydraulic presses and product lines. The capacity ranges from 800kN to 400000kN. The products are wildly used in the fields of forming shipping plates, forging extruding, aviation and spaceflight, automobile industry, glass fiber reinforced plastics, household electrical appliances and light industry, power metallurgy, equipments of war industry and so on. Tianduan already exported the hydraulic presses to more than 30 countries and area. As the leader of Chinese SMC/ Composite material industry, Tianduan have invited many different function SMC hydraulic presses for all kinds of customers since 1956. Tianduan has 100% market share in the high end of SMC/Composite material industry.