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A Sino-British joint venture registered in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai FEP International Trading Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the distribu-tion of fine chemical products in Chinese domestic market over 10 years. Shanghai FEP boasts a distribution network covering the entire China market and is able to provide its customers with the closest service and on-time technical support. We sell and distribute Fumed Silica from Wacker, light stabilizers, anti-oxidants and anti-static agents from CYTEC (US), SEBS/SEPS from KRATON(US), fungicide(preservative)/mildewcide/algaecide from ENVIROCHEMICALS(Japan), flatting agents and anti-block agents from TOSOH SILICA (Japan), Polyvinyl Alcohol from JVP, silicon sol from Nissan Chemical, quartz powder from TATSUMORI and special high-performance fine chemical products from a number of other world leading companies. These products are widely used in many industries including electric power, petrochemicals, adhesive, plastics, artifical leather, coating, ink, silicone rubber, Lithium batteries,Gel Bettery, new energy, UP resin/Epoxy resin/PU and downstream products. The product can be used in wide ranges with defined purposes, has good performance and is with great cost-efficiency. Furthermore ,Shanghai FEP has launched multi-product packages customized for a variety of applications, which effectively helps our customers control costs and increase sourcing efficien-cy, while improving the strengths of and the partnership between both parties.