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Nanchang Rich Import and Export Co., Ltd. is one of the main suppliers for glass fiber products in China. With well-trained business staff, scientific management, high quality products, excellent service and good reputation, we have established business relationships with clients of more than 30 countries around the world. Our main products include : Direct roving Chopped strand mat Woven roving Spray up roving Chopped strands Self-adhesive mesh tape Chopping roving FRP surfacing mat Filament yarn Filament winding roving Stitch combo mat Texturized yarn Pultrusion roving Glass fibre cloth Alkaline-resistance mesh fabric SMC roving AR-glass roving Glass fibre powder Unidirectional fabric Biaxial fabric Triaxial fabric Our products have been exporting to many countries including Spain, Turkey,Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E.,etc.