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Exel is a leading global supplier of advanced composite profiles.The company was founded in 1960 with headquarter in Finland.Exel has been listed on Helsinki stock exchange in 1998. Exel has production plants around the world including Finland,Britain,Germany,Austria,Belgium,Australia and China.Products are widely used in aviation,aerospace,national defense,communications,electric power,chemical industry,mining,shipbuilding,medical instruments,automobiles,petroleum and other industrial applications as well as sports equipment.Exel Composites specializes in composite technology.Our operations include design,manufacturing and marketing of advanced composite solutions for industrial applications.We offer a wide range of products–from standard shapes to the most challenging solutions,including custom fabrication and installation. All our products are designed and developed in close co-operation with our customers;meeting and exceeding the customer requirements and expectations.Our main business segments include Building,Construction and Infrastructure,Transportation,Energy,Paper and Electrical Industries,Telecommunication,Cleaning and Maintenance,Sports and Leisure as well as Machine and General Industries. Applications range from heavy duty industry access structures and water treatment equipment to light weight weaving machine parts and robotics.