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The president Mr.Zhang Guo zhi invented patent progressive formed hollow special profiles and its processing technology. (Invention patent number: ZL 92106044.0). There are lots of developed products, FRP pultruded grating, mold grating, FRP cross arm, FRP radome, FRP cable tray, FRP sucker rod, FRP affusion pipe, FRP window, FRP wind panel used in passenger car, FRP guardrail in road&railway, FRP sound insulation screen, FRP sound absorbing products, FRP transparent plank, FRP pole in without backbone house, military and civil use tent pole, FRP rail, FRP ladder, FRP fishing rod, FRP wind leaf, FRP handrail, SMC molded electric metre box, FRP door plank. Special FRP pultrusion, molded equipment and mold developing vast space for(FRP) the application of the composite material.