Net Show

1. Fiber or Fabric/epoxy prepreg (For boat, automotive, sport/leisure, aircraft) 2. Fabric/phenolic prepreg (For aerospace) 3. Thermosetting polyimide resin and its fabric prepreg (For aerospace, high temperature (Tg 437℃)insulating, low dielectric) 4. Glossy surface and one part epoxy resin systems (Tg 120℃~230℃;for boat, automotive, sport/leisure, aircraft) 5. Two parts epoxy resin systems (Tg 120℃~230℃;for RTM & automotive; filament winding & hollow tube) 6. Thermoplastic composite: resin formulation (For PC, PA, PPS, yellowing resistant plastic); Customizable fiber or fabric/ thermoplastic prepreg and sheet (For shoes, ice sports (ice skates, snow helmets), automotive(Interior and exterior decorates , door panel reinforcement, Hybrid Molding parts(water tank bracket, battery base)