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Niknam Chemicals Private Limited manufactures FLAME RETARDANT CHEMICALS, Aluminium Hydroxide for Rubber & PVC Conveyor Belting, SMC, DMC, BMC, Aluminium Composite Panel, Fibre Reinforced Plastics industries, in addition to other applications requiring Flame Retardant and Smoke Suppressing solutions. The company has a wide range of products like Aluminium Hydroxide, Aluminium Trihydrate, Magnesium Hydroxide, Zinc Borate, Calcuim Borate, Molybdenum Trioxide, etc. customized to meet specific industry requirements. It has now become the largest Flame Retardant Manufacturer in India and has successfully established. Backed by constant Development and Quality Assurance, the company is making inroads in the Global Markets, already having gained approvals from customers worldwide.