Net Show

TONG KE (Changshu) Co., Ltd is a trading company with its own factory called HUA JI (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. We are professional supplier of composite materials. The products we manufactured include: Carbon Fiber (chopped) Yarn; Carbon Textile; Carbon Fiber Felt;Carbon Fiber Pre Impregnated Cloth;Aramid Fabric;Aramid Honeycomb ;UHMWPE Fiber. The products we trade including: Resin, Gel Coat, Release Agent, Release Wax, EZ Cleaner, Sealant, Polishing Series Products, S type high strength glass fiber, High silica glass fiber. Meantime we are also authorized dealer of Jushi Group to extend our product line like winding roving, pultrusion roving, SMC roving, Engineering plastic roving, chopped roving, chopped strand mat, woven roving etc.
Booth No: 1433