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Established in Hamburg, Germany in 1947, STAOF is committed to the development and production of adhesive monomers, the production of quality adhesive products to major companies and corporations, and providing monomer development and production services to major companies and corporations. STAOF continues to grow alongside internationally renowned companies such as HENKEL LOCTITE, DELO, DOWCORNING, and THREEBOND. In 2002, STAOF's headquarter relocated to Loganville, GA in order to meet customers' unique material bonding challenges. Using special monomers to develop adhesives, STAOF began developing and producing adhesives. Today, STAOF has developed over 20 series, and more than 1,800 types of products. STAOF products are manufactured and used worldwide, and continue to be enhanced and updated to provide solutions to customers' bonding, sealing, potting, heat conduction, lubrication, and cleaning challenges. At present, STAOF is located in the center of Loganville in Georgia, U.S. With a total of 766 employees and 17 branches and offices around the world, STAOF's sales has reached $973 million in 2013.