Net Show

Main Products: 1. RSM Multi-bar warp knitting machine. The Weft insertion (Biaxial) Warp Knitting Machine equips with a weft insertion device and a warp knitting machine. This weft insertion system can insert up to 24 weft yarns in one time, and ensure the filling position accurate. Knitted fabrics are taken up to fixed-length roll by the electric drawing take-up device. 2. RSM3/3Multi-bar warp knitting machine. This machine equips with three (or more than three) weft insertion devices that could change laying angle between -30°to +30°, and a high speed warp knitting machine. The angle changeable weft device could lay different angle's yarn layers. At last, the drawing take-up device takes up the multiracial fabrics. The computer control the whole machine and delivered by servomotor.