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CompLam is a FRTP (Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic) COMPosite LAMinate manufacturing company (CPL). The standard laminate sheet is 1mx1m (LxW). CPL develops woven type fiber reinforced thermoplastic (FRTP) laminate for customer projects. Advantages of CPL FRTP laminates are: Mass Production Capability: CPL can deliver 1,440m2 per day. Sustainable: FRTP products can be recycled or reused. High Impact Resistant: much improved vibration damping and impact resistance than thermosetting counterparts. High Performance: the average GFRTP composite density is 1.8 g/cc and >20 GPa flexural modulus. For CFRTP these are 1.4 g/cc and >40 GPa. Other reinforcement types include NCF (Quasi-isotropic) and nonwoven (Isotropic), UD and decorative MMF and Natural fiber fabrics.