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Qingdao Regal is a professional supplier of composite materials, Company headquarters is located in Qingdao, providing high performance and high quality materials to the composite. Since the company development, with professional technical team, to provide customers with vacuum technology, RTM, pultrusion process and mould manufacturing, etc of a complete set of technical solutions. The main products include: Leybold® vacuum pump system: Regal® vacuum assisted materials: vacuum film, sealant tape, peel ply, flow mesh, PE tube; Wells epoxy products: vacuum epoxy resin, epoxy gelcoats; Strucell ® PVC structure foam; AIREX® PET structure foam; Torayca ® carbon fiber; Frekote® and TAG® release agent, mold sealer, mold cleaner, USA Parson® adhesives.
Booth No: 1243