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The company is a High-tech private-owned enterprise and engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing of plastic honeycomb cores. Based on advanced technology, decades of experience and well trained skillful production team,achieving large-scale of production, we can offer the light-weight, energy-absorbing, plastic honeycomb core materials and the finished products with the high quality and reasonable price. Now we have 10000 pieces of honeycomb panels in stock. We can claim to be the biggest production capacity supplier with an annual production of 120000 pieces in China. If you are searching for the more reliable partner, please feel free to contact us. I am sure we are the trustworthy manufacturer and the best co-worker for you. Our main products are PP (polypropylene) honeycomb, which is used as the core material compounded with fiber-glass and resin etc. to form the FRP honeycomb sandwich panel. PC (polycarbonate) honeycomb core bonding with transparent surface can be as decorative interior curtain wall for public places or commercial building to Perform a different visual experience. We also have sandwich honeycomb panels with plywood surface. Please contact us and let's talk more. Skype:chnhoneycomb