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FIBERCHINA, founded in 1987, has developed to be a famous brand under China National Building Materials Corporation. FIBERCHINA offers fiberglass reinforced materials. The main products include: 1\chopped strand mat and woven roving: 100g/sqm, 225g/sqm, 300g/sqm, 450g/sqm, 600g/sqm; multiracial and combo mat: unidirectional, biaxial, triaxial; direct roving: 300tex, 410tex, 600tex, 735tex, 900tex, 1200tex, 2400tex, 4400tex, 4800tex, 9600tex; spray-up roving: 2400tex; 2\SMC roving and panel roving: 2400tex, 4800tex; SMC compounds for electrical applications, panel tanks, car parts, etc.