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Fixtech Adhesives and Sealants for Marine/Bus/Train/Car & Building . Single pack, strong structural, UV resistance and age resistance. Generally No primer or Activators required for all kinds of bonding to substrates like stainless steel, steel, aluminium, lead, carbon fiber, fiberglass, glass, PVC etc. Fixtech white sealant will not yellowing or smudge when exposed to the sun. Fixtech Sealants contains no toxin or chemical solvents, 100% environment friendly, will not harm your health, will not cause toxin gas and easy to apply and create a beautiful finish. Fixtech Adhesives and Sealants will not cause chemical air bubble after they have cured and will save you a lot in product cost and reduce labour cost and reduce warranty cost. Fixtech Adhesive Sealants are the best choice for every manufacturer for all industries. Head office is in Australia. China office is located in Zhuhai City, Guangdong PR, and Suzhou City. Shipment will be supplied direct from both Zhuhai and Suzhou store. 24hrs hotline: +86 756 7750077, Website: