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Fiber reinforced plastics Chinese create pultrusion, winding, molding technology of subversive innovation Tianjin city Bonnie Glass Steel Technology Co. Ltd. and Tianjin Bonnie Xinlong FRP equipment Co. Ltd. is a branch trade and industry one of the limited liability company, and Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission identified Tianjin city for science and technology enterprises, the company mainly engaged in fiber reinforced plastic molding process research and innovation, design and manufacture of fiber reinforced plastics product and molding equipment, research and development of raw materials and raw material molding equipment, has a number of patented products and technology patent. The pultrusion, winding rubber injection molding dip patent technology glue system, realized the high activity and room temperature formula of polyurethane resin and multi resin resin, epoxy resin and multiple base resin, epoxy vinyl resin and multiple base resin and unsaturated polyester resin pultrusion molding and continuous winding, improve production efficiency, reduce cost; improve the production environment, reduce the waste of raw material. Provide multi resin formulations and raw materials, to meet the fiber reinforced plastic hand lay up, pultrusion, filament winding, molding product performance requirements. Fiber reinforced thermosetting resin and fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin product design, process design, molding equipment design