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Hudson Resources is a Canadian based mining company focused on its 100% owned White Mountain Anorthosite (calcium feldspar) project in Greenland. The White Mountain anorthosite deposit is unique in that it has high concentrations of aluminum, silica and calcium with low sodium and other impurities. Hudson has determined that the characteristics of the anorthosite have three potential high-value applications. The primary application is as a new source of feedstock to the high-end fiberglass (E-glass) industry. The project offers the opportunity to quickly establish a mine to supply the fiberglass industry with feed material as a replacement for kaolin and pyrophyllite. Hudson believes that it can be competitive with price, quality and security of supply in the major markets of Europe, North America and Asia. The second application is as a new source of alumina. Based on tests to date, the unique chemical characteristics of the anorthosite have the potential to replace bauxite in the production of alumina using a hydrochloric leach method. Finally, the anorthosite has the potential to be used as a new source of filler material. Fillers are a significant component of the plastics, paints and paper industries.