Net Show

The company is a high-tech enterprise specialized in high performance carbon fiber, aramid fiber and composite materials research, development, manufacture, import, export and sales, the company is committed to become the new field of application of carbon fiber technology provider, carbon fiber composite application solutions provider, to provide a full range of products and services for customers. Our company independent researching and producing the “Carbon fiber paper” and “Carbon paper”, carbon fiber reinforced high performance cellulose membrane, carbon fiber paper steel and a number of new products, to fill the domestic situation of carbon fiber paper industry dependent on imports in the heating, fuel cell, advanced audio, antistatic and electromagnetic shielding areas achieved good results. The company has a complete product industry chain with high-tech composite materials, carbon fiber prepreg carbon fiber production line, rapier loom, pultrusion, VIP, SMC, RTM and other process equipment, has a strong R&D team, to provide customers with the most comprehensive, most economical product scheme.