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Houchi Chemical was established in Taiwan in 1959 and since has been servicing in the paint, ink and plastics industry. In 1997, Houchi started its first subsidiary company, Asiafine, in Shanghai as the HQ for the China market. R&D then began for Houchi's own products on pigments, additives and nano-dispersions. In 2007 Houchi launched its subsidiary company Doxa in Taiwan as the additive unit. Doxa Advanced Material Co., Ltd. is solely owned company by Houchi Chemical and its factory is located in Yunli Industrial Zone, Taiwan. Spredox dispersants are polymeric dispersant developed to disperse and stabilize pigments in coating, ink and plastics application. Spredox greatly enhances the properties and performance of the finished products. The benefits include reduction of viscosity, enhancement of color strength and gloss and longer storage stability etc. 50 years of experience in the industry puts us in a position to truly understand the dynamic needs of our customers. At Doxa we offer the market a brand new look at the next generation of additive technology. The ever-increasing demand in our industry for performance and green-based product calls for innovative solutions–and we aim to provide nothing less than this demand.