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Taekwang Industrial Co., Ltd., one of the core affiliated companies of Taekwang Group has been contributing greatly to Korea's economic development since it was established in 1950. Taekwang is continuously innovating to be the leader in all areas of their business and to be the most successful leading conglomerates in Korea. Taekwang Industrial Co., Ltd. developed its own technology of PAN (Polyacrylonitrile)-based carbon fiber in 2009. Its strength is based on vertical integration including propylene, acrylonitrile, precursor and carbon fiber. Taekwang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading acrylic fiber manufacturer in the world, and the PAN precursor technology stems from its production technology of ACR fiber. The plant commenced commercial operation in March 2012 with annual capacity of 3,000 tons of precursor and 1,500 tons of carbon fiber.