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WR Carpenter-Balsa is the largest single owner of land in Papua New Guinea operating since 1919. Balsa trees are grown on WRC land. Our company does not rely on outside suppliers or landowner agreements. Our factory is centrally located to plantation sites for good transport logistics. Time of harvest to milling and manufacturing time is minimised, resulting in little to no oxidisation or staining of green lumber. Our balsa is supplied to the composite market-predominately for the manufacture of wind turbine blades, marine, automotive, military, model and hobby sectors in Asia and Australia. Our products include 1.Rough sawn or dressed all-round kiln dried lumber 2.Laminated Balsa Core Blocks in light, medium and heavy densities 3.Rigid End-Grain Panels, End-Grain, Grid Scored and Flexible Scrim Backed Panels. 4.Hobby block & hobby sheet