Net Show

HongMing Composites specializes in producing and distributing fiberglass and it's fabrics, and is committed to participating in partnerships with our customers that are based on supplying quality products at the most competitive prices, as well as offering first class service with professional advice. In addition we work closely with our customers to ensure that the products supplied are the best available to meet their unique production requirements. HongMing Composites currently is supplying leading manufacturers in more than 40 countries worldwide. List of products supplied: 1. Surface Mat (Polyester, E-Glass and C-Glass) 2. Polyester Net 3. Polyester Film 4. Roving (Single End and Assembled Rovings) 5. Fabrics (Woven Roving, Chopped Strand Mats and Multi-Axial Fabrics) 6. Machinery for Pipe manufacture, Pultrusion and specialized composite materials