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Suning Jin Peng carbon fiber products factory was founded in 1996,the predecessor as"Xin Yuan insulation material factory".And the main products are pultruded fiberglass products and fiberglass reelpipe.The insulating material has a monopoly in the market.Our company formally put into carbon fiber products in 2004.It was renamed the"Huapeng carbon fiber products factory".Our policy that the carbon fiber products dominated and glass fiber products as a supplement. The carbon fiber fishing rod front end has occupied more than half of the domestic market.For the convenience of management and better develop the carbon fiber product development expertise,the fishing gear divided with other products in early 2011.We registered the"Jin Peng carbon fiber products factory" in March2011.Two companies were running at the same time,the carbon fiber products in both quality and quantity have made a spurt of progress in the development. Now we produce both pultruded carbon fiber and cloth roll of two categories,hundreds of varieties of carbon fiber products.We can do any bar the range of 0.5mm-28mm.Any tubing within the inner diameter 1mm diameter and outer diameter 30mm.Any panel more than 0.5mm thickness,within width 150mm.We also develop various types of carbon fiber pultruded profiled products on the behalf of clients.