• 1.Where and when is China Composites Expo 2019 being held?
    China Composites Expo 2019 will take place at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from Sept 3-5, 2019. The location is no.1099 Guozhan Road, Shanghai 200336, China.

  • 2.Where can I find the event schedule of China Composites Expo 2019?
    You can find the event schedule under the “About CCExpo”or here.

  • 3.How can I be an exhibitor and reserve a booth at CCE?
    The new applicant has to complete a new registration which you can find at the Home page of www.cceshow.com , you are requested to provide the contact details and the booth size you intend, after submitting your application you would obtain your user name and access password later by email, then our sales team would contact you soon and confirm you application. Also you could use your password to enter your user account to provide, modify and submit your exhibition information Book Now.

  • 4.How can I be a speaker of technical seminars?
    If you have registered as an exhibitor, you can find an optional item in the application form about the technical seminar, answer and submit it. If you are not an exhibitor but you would like to be a speaker of technical seminars, please click here and then we would contact you later.

  • 5.How can I register for the exhibition and seminars as an attendee?
    Until now attendee can free register for the exhibition and seminars with no charges. Attendees just need to complete an online pre-registration form, and then you would receive a response by email with your personal registration code. You could get your visitor badge at the reception desk free of charge when you show the personal registration code.

  • 6.As an international exhibitor or visitor, how do I request a letter of invitation?
    The organizers of China Composites Expo can provide the official letter of invitation to all exhibitors and registered professional visitors to apply short-stay visa. In general, the letter would be sent to applicant within two weeks by email provided that they have submitted complete personal information to organizer.

  • 7.When is the opening time for the exhibition hall?
    The exhibition hall is open for exhibitors at 8:30AM and it is open for visitors at 9:00AM.

    Show time:
    First day         9:00am-17:30pm
    Second day   9:00am-17:30pm
    Third day       9:00am-14:00pm

    Decorating time: Two days before opening day
    First day        8:30-19:30
    Second day  8:30-21:30

    Dismantling time:

  • 8.How can I get my free badge as a visitor without queuing?
    Click the button of“Visitor Pre-registration” at homepage, submit your business information and then you would get a registration code by email. You can get your free badge at reception desk when you provide this registration code. If you miss the code please tell the desk staff your name, and then your badge is still available. Click here to get your free badge now!