Exhibition Statistics for CCE2014

 According to professional organization statistics, CCE2014 pulled a record attendance of over 38555 people, total about 15700 attendees participated in the past event.
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China Composites Expo 2015
China Composites Expo 2015
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  • EISENMANN SEThe Ruhstrat GmbH is a modern company with a great tradition. In 1896 Ruhstrat designed the first resistance-heated high-temperature furnace realizing temperatures of up to 3,000 °...
  • BOND-LAMINATES GMBHBond-Laminates GmbH has more than 15 years experience in development and manufacturing of thermoplastic composites named Tepex. Tepex is a high performance composite material made ...
  • FINE ORGANICSFINE ORGANICS is an leading manufacturer of various High Performance and New Generation Speciality Additives for Composites, having presence in more than 40 countries globally due ...
  • JEC Composites
  • Composite-Expo